About Edostack

We started this project to practice our web development structure, database and project management skills. Now we want to show our work to the world.

The basic idea behind this project is to provide you all information about institutes, institute notifications, admissions, degree programs and institute jobs, for teachers, students and parents at one place. We want to collect all institute, colleges and schools at one place to make it easy for all to search.

Institutions can even make their page free of any cost then they can update their page so that students can be informed about different happenings and events such as cancellation of exams in case of strikes or any other reason etc.

In this era, any country's progress depends upon the quality of its education system. Because of this system the students can get information about courses and especially advised on the selection of subjects and other fields.

Edostack is specially designed for students, teachers and all those who are in connection with education. A complete website about education related activities. There are basic units of website given below:

  • Institute Search by location, degree programs, etc
  • Institute Notifications
  • Admissions
  • Jobs
  • Institute Programs
  • Institute Page